Croissant, egg, Canadienne bacon, cheddar sandwich

Egg, cheese, mild diced green chili casserole with fruit salad, and artisan bread toasted

Ham and Cheese Quiche served with fruit salad, and artisan bread toasted

Yogurt Parfait with fresh fruit and homemade granola

Fruit Salad – made fresh

Monkey Bread – small balls of sweet yeast dough dunked in butter, cinnamon sugar, baked and glazed…yum!

Muffin – homemade and baked fresh each day.  Flavor varies.

Croissants – butter or almond

Bagels – Everything, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, Sesame

Donuts – Chocolate Cake, or Raised Yeast


Quiche Entrée* – each made with a homemade Pâte Brisée crust

Carmelized Onion, Roasted Sweet Potato, Gorgozola or

Ham and Cheese

*Soup Entrée

Pumpkin Ginger Bisque

Soup Du Jour


Roast turkey, cheddar, and greens on multigrain

Ham and Cheese


Mixed greens, chevre, cranberries, and pecans

*Note: Quiche and Soup entrées are served with a small mixed green salad and light red wine vinaigrette, and a slice of artisan bread.


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie – made with Belgian chocolate, butter and oats for added texture

Cornmeal Lime Cookie – freshly zested limes and a bit of crunch from cornmeal make this one surprisingly delightful cookie

Peanut Butter – chewy and sprinkled with sugar, need we say more?

Belgian “Monster” Brownies with Cherries – fudgy chocolate and cherries

Zucchini Bread with Belgian Chocolate Chips – extremely moist (just ask the women at Community Bank)

Gluten Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

Occasional Appearances

Florentine Cookies – chocolate covered shortbread topped with a carmelized almond and candied orange peel topping

Almond Meringue Cookies – naturally gluten friendly

Pain au Raisin – homemade brioche, pastry cream and raisin pinwheel rolls

Brioche au Chocolate – oblong pieces of brioche filled with homemade pastry cream and Belgian chocolate


Utica Roasting Drip Coffee – regular or decaf; hot or iced

Cold Brew – Utica Roasting Guatamala Santa Domingo

Specialty Coffees- Utica Roasting Beans coupled with our lovely Italian espresso machine is a devine match.

            Espressos, Lattés, Cappucinos, Machiatos

Red Jacket Juices – fresh pressed in Geneva NY, without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Orange Juice

Bottled Spring Water – Still or Bubbly

Iced Tea – Unsweetened and freshly brewed


Cakes made to order given 2 days notice, or anything else you might desire!

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